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Prescription audit is necessary to know the art of prescription practices to improve rational pharmacotherapy. Present study is an observational study and was undertaken from August 2018 to October 2018 for which data was collected from Medical OPD. Prescribing is a technique with an expert academic pharmacological knowledge. Irrational prescribing leads to diminished therapeutic outcome. The present study is the first preliminary one at Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru Govt.  Medical College and Hospital, Chamba- HP Before July 2016, it was a district hospital College. It is a hilly district and caters the need of 5 Lakh people. A total of 420 prescriptions were analyzed. These prescriptions comprised of 3000 drugs. Average drugs prescribed per patient were 7.3. male and female ratio was 40% and 60% respectively. More prescription were carried out in the age group of 51 - 60 yrs. Prescriptions in generic were only 3.65% fixed dose combination was used in 300 prescriptions and comprised of 71.4% drugs. Oral prescriptions were used maximally and intravenous medication was minimally used. Multivitamin prescriptions were observed in bulk. 


rational pharmacotherapy demographic characteristics

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