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The N-hexane, ethyl ether and ethanol extracts of leaves of GossypiumherbaceumL was investigated for anthelmintic activity using earthworms (Pheretimaposthuma). Various concentrations (10,20,40,60,80&100 mg/ml) of plant extracts were tested in the bioassay. Albendazole (10 mg/ml) was used as reference standard drug whereas 1% v/v tween 80 as control. Determination of paralysis time and death time of the worms were recorded. Theethyl ether and ethanol extracts exhibited significant anthelmintic activity at highest concentration of 60, 80 & 100 mg/ml compared to standard drug. The result shows that ethyl ether extract possesses potent vermicidal activity and found to be effective as an anthelmintic compared to  ethanolicextract.


Anthelmintic Gossypiumherbaceum Albendazole Earthworm and Pheretimaposthuma

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