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The study aimed to evaluate the postoperative complications of cataract and medical management of post-operative complication of cataract patients.This Randomized retrospective study was conducted at the teaching hospital of Vivekanandha medical care hospital (VMCH), Elayampalayam, Tiruchengode. This study was carried out for the period of 6 months in patients with post operative visual acuities and surgical complications. The data obtained was analyzed to determine the complications and medical management of post- operative cataract patients. A total of 220 patients were included in the study in which 50% accounts for males and 50% accounts for females, and most of the patients were in the age group of 55–65 years. Diagnosis indicates 26.36% of patients were operated for left eye immature cataract surgery, 44.54% of patients were operated for right eye immature cataract surgery and 29.09% of patients were operated for combined left and right eye immature cataract surgery. The post operative complications were identified as Lacrimation (23.63%), Swelling (20%), Redness (30.90%), Pain (18.18%), and Irritation (7.27%). Drug distribution indicates Prednisolone was found to be used highly after cataract surgery with the percentage of (50%) than flubiprofen&hypermellose (35.54%), olopatadineHcl (9.09%) and sodium chloride (5.45%).Prednisolone was found to be widely prescribed for post operative cataract patients than the other drugs by the doctor for the indications like swelling, redness, pain, and Lacrimation and post operative infection.


Cataract surgery Post operative complications Prednisolone

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