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Dengue is an endemic viral infection genome is 11kb long and encodes a single viral polyprotein is then cleaved in to three structural proteins the capsid (C) premembrane (PrM) and envelop (E) and seven non structural (NS) proteins NS1, NS2a, NS2b,NS3, NS4a, NS4b and NS5 that are found in infected host cells and are required for replication of virus. These proteins in the infected host produce severe Dengue fever as Dengue/DSS/DHF has to increase the mortality rate in every year mainly in the Asia and Pacific regions. The session of preventing the disease is characterized by eradication of mosquito and preparation of vaccine but up to that both the works are not effective. The present review hope to eradicate Dengue not vector our concentration based on who is act as an exact reservoir of virus may be the recovered person because we did not concentrate the complete elimination of virus from the patients


Dengue, Envelop Virus Vector and Fever

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