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The modern era is trending with the use of herbal medicines for the cure of various ailments, herbal medicines prove to have least side effects when compared to the allopathic form. In the present review, the studies has been conducted for the anti cancerous effect of the medicinal plant Plumbago indica, a plant proved to contain various medicinal properties. The plant belongs to the Plumbaginaceae family, a family rich in flavonoids, tannins etc. The main content of study is Plumbagin which shows anti cancerous effect and is also the main constituent in this family. The content also reported to have other properties like anti inflammatory, anxiolytics, anti diarrhoeal, anti spasmodic properties, abortifacient and further more. The study is conducted on Syrian Hamsters’ cheek pouches by inducing oral carcinogenesis and by analyszing the results before and after the drug treatments.


Plumbago indica anxiolytics, anti diarrhoeal

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