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The bark of Syzygium cumini bark are beneficial in treating the various other ailments, which is also accountable for its action on renal calculi preferably at this juncture. Cold maceration technique was used for the extraction of coarse powder of the plant bark and a total of 200g of Syzygium cumini was used to make a coarse powder. The Adult Wistar rats Swiss mice weighing between (20-30 g) were used to calculate LD50.  In the present study, chronic induction of EG   (0.75% v/v)  to  male  wistar rats resulted  in significant  (P<0.001)  increase  in  urinary  excretion  of calcium and phosphorous. Whereas the cystone-treated group III animals were shown significant reduction in calcium (P<0.0001) and phosphate (P<0.001) levels.  Similarly  treatment  with  plant extract significantly  lowered  the  elevated  levels  of  calcium (P<0.0001)  and  phosphate  (P<0.0001)  in   400 mg/kg as compared to EG induced group II animals. In conclusion, the aqueous extract of Syzygium cumini bark has both  preventive  as  well  as  curative  property  in urolithiasis  of  rats


Syzygium cumin Anti urolithic activity Urolithiasis, Cold maceration technique

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