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Smokeless tobacco is tobacco consumed orally not smoked. It has been in use of long as other forms of tobacco consumptions and it's use was increased smokeless tobacco is available in many forms in India and it's widely used by all social groups.Tobacco use is a leading cause of  non communicable diseases associated mortality and morbidity, and a growing public health challenge. While many people are aware that tobacco use increases the risk of cancer, there are alarming gaps in knowledge of the cardiovascular risks of tobacco use.


To assess the level of dependency among addicts.

Materials and methods

This study "Assess the level of smokeless tobacco dependences and its health consequences among addicts" was a descriptive study. This study population consisted of 60 samples of smokeless tobacco addicts. Cconvenient sampling technique was used and data collected using self structured questionnaires.


Shows the majority of them are 17(28.3%) had low dependency, 41(68.3%)had moderate dependency,2(3.33%) had high dependency on smokeless tobacco.


Smokeless tobacco Level of dependency Addicts

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