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The floating matrix tablets Metformin (MH) were prepared by using HPMC K15M, as release retarding polymer along with other polymeric substances. Final formulations were preparedusingHPMCK15MandEudragit RLPOasthereleaseretardingpolymers.The optimization ofmetforminfloatingmatrixtabletwasdonebysimplexcentroiddesign (SCD)using HPMCK4M(X1),Eudragits(X2),gas-generatingagent,sodiumbicarbonate(X3), as independent variable. The floating lag time (Flag) and time required for 90% drug release were taken as dependent variables. All the tablets showed acceptable physicochemical properties.All the Formulations shown good drug release optimum having good floating lag time and also matching the desirability criteria for drugrelease


Metformin Floating matrix tablet Eudragit RLPO

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