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In the present work, the mucoadhesive tablets of Timolol Maleate were prepared by using different concentrations of Chitosan and Carbopol as a binder.  The formulation was prepared by wet granulation method. The compatibility studies of drug and excipient were performed by FT- IR spectroscopy. After examining the flow properties of the powder blends the results were found to be within prescribed limits and indicated good flowing property, hence it was subjected to compression. The tablets were evaluated for post-compression parameters like weight variation, hardness, thickness, friability, drug content uniformity, surface pH, in-vitro studies like swelling, mucoadhesive strength and drug release.  In dissolution studies TM6 formulation was considered as optimised formulation. The in vitro drug release of all formulations exhibits complete release of Timolol Maleate with followed by Higuchi mechanism. All the evaluation parameters given the positive result and comply with the standards. The results indicated that the mucoadhesive buccal tablets of Timolol Maleate may be good choice to bypass the extensive hepatic first pass metabolism with an improvement in bioavailability of Timolol Maleate through buccal mucosa.


Timolol Maleate Chitosan Carbopol and Buccal tablets

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