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The WHO in 1977 has characterized drug usage as advertising conveyance solution and utilization of medications general public with unique accentuation subsequent clinical social and monetary results. Aim of the study is to evaluate drug utilization / prescription pattern of Analgesics prescribed in Post operative patients in a tertiary care hospital. In our sample size 802 patients was determined. Hence total number of 1504 patients was enrolled in the study out of which 802 patients who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria were finally included in the study at discharge and at 3 6 and 9 months follow-up period after discharge from the hospital.  Results expressed that The solution investigation aftereffects of absolute number of related illnesses in Kerala zone demonstrated that 802 Numbers and 53.5% which incorporates assortment of sicknesses like Hypertension Hyperlipidemic Infections Thyroid illnesses Inflammation Myocardial Infraction Congestive Heart Failure Angina Pectoris Asthma Ulcer IBS Depression Tachyarrthymias Bradyarrthymiasis and Psychosis. Post-employable related Patients commonness dramatically more (493 Numbers and 61.5%) when contrasted with Pre usable Patients (POP) related Patients (309 Numbers and 38.5%). Interior POP dependent on the relative assertion showed Pain related Myocardial Infarction (56 Numbers and 7 %) patients.



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