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The study was carried out to evaluate the anticancer effect of various extracts of leaves of Amomum subulatum  in human lung cancerous cell line A549 using various in vitro models. Evaluation of Phytochemical analysis of ethyl acetate, ethanol and petroleum ether extracts of Amomum subulatum revealed the presence of proteins, alkaloids, tannins, steroids, phenols and flavanoids. In this present study, Ethyl acetate extract of Amomum subulatum  was found to possess potent cytotoxic activity in human lung cancerous cell line A549 and was compared with standard drug 5 Fluorouracil. The Apoptotic effect was confirmed in treated cells by appearance of loss of membrane integrity, leakage of cytoplasmic contents and fragmentation of DNA in treated cells. Its anti cancer effect was further confirmed by reduced levels of proteins Phospho histidine phosphatase and C Reactive Protein in ethyl acetate extract of Amomum subulatum  treated cells, whose elevated levels are said to possess a risk in cancer development. Its apoptotic and anti cancer effect may be due to up regulation of genes like p53 and TNF α and down regulation of genes like Bcl-2 and IL-6, which was confirmed by RT-PCR. These results show that ethyl acetate extract of Amomum subulatum  possess anti cancer effect and for future perspective, it can be further confirmed by isolating the compounds responsible for the activity and studying the exact mechanism by which the plant possess this activity and confirm the results using in vivo animal models.


Anticancer Activity, Amomum Subulatum, Lung Cancer Cell Line (A549), Invitro Methods

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