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The aim of this study was to investigate the invitro antidiabetic activity and mechanism of action of aqueous, alcoholic and hydro alcoholic leaf extract extract prepared from Magnifera indica. The in vitro antidiabetic study was done by evaluating the inhibitory effect of magnifera on the activities of alpha-amylase, Alpha amylase inhibition assay, Alpha glucosidase inhibition assay, yeast cell glucose uptake and inhibition of glucose diffusion assay methods. The significant results were observed in the aqueous dried leaf extracts. The α-glucosidse & α-amylase inhibition was in a dose dependent manner and glucose transport differs with the sample and glucose concentration. From the results of the study, it is inferred that, Magnifera indica aqueous leaf extract holds antidiabetic activity. This work indicates that aqueous leaf extracts of Magnifera indica have an important long term antidiabetic effect that can be well established to treat diabetes


α-glucosidse, α-amylase, Magnifera indica and Anti diabetic activity.

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