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Leukorrhea is a yellowish, whitish, or greenish discharge through the female vaginal opening which may be usual or a marker of infection. In women, leukorrhea is a prevalent problem, especially in India which shouldn’t be neglected. Leukorrhea is usually treated with fluoroquinolones and cephalosporin antibiotics. The initial objective of the study is to compare the efficacy of drugs ciprofloxacin and cefixime   in patients with Leukorrhea. To determine which drug is more effective in a certain period to relieve the patient condition before laboratory investigations done. In this study, the efficacy on Ciprofloxacin v/s cefixime in patients with leukorrhea in  gynecology OPD, a total of 100 samples was taken into consideration out of which 50 prescriptions consisting of ciprofloxacin and 50 prescriptions consisting of  cefixime. It was observed        statistically that relief of symptoms varied in 2 groups, however clinically Group-A subjects(ciprofloxacin) showed better efficacy compared to Group B (cefixime). These findings confirm that the ciprofloxacin is preferable for patients having leukorrhea (White discharge).


Antibiotics, Leukorrhea, gynecological problem, white discharge, leukorrhea symptoms assessment questionnaire, OPD of gynecology.

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