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Cancer is a major cause of mortality and morbidity world wide . Genetically altered cancer cell gets away from cell cycle and leads towards to cell death and immortal .The global burden of deadly cancer is expected to the 28.4 million 2040. Historical findings of cancer begins from Hippocrates and end with FDA approved chimaric antigen therapy .Over the centuries, pap test was the first cancer screening now it replaced by modern techniques. The various types reported  cancers were carcinoma ,sarcoma, tumor , leukaemia, myeloma and malignancy .There are eight most common types of cancer  and it can be detected by various methods which includes the physical and lab test. The preclinical invitro screening method is ideal for cancer research,screening the new drug and development of drug therapies.Still, there is continues need for better and innovative therapy. Previously the radiation and surgery for most used method to treat the cancer. In this article we aimed to discuss the history including screening,types of cancer,most common types of cancer,in-vitro pre clinical screening method and discussed the various therapies used for the cancer treatment.


History Types of cancer In-vitro screening models Treatment

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