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Aim of the study :  the medication errors in multispecialty hospitals.

Objective of the study Medication errors are the most common types of injuries experienced by hospitalized patients. Such type of events may be related to professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems.

Results of study :  A total of 120 cases of the patients were collected out of which we detected 28 errors from 26cases, in which 24(92.3)cases have only a single error each, and the other 2(7.7   ) cases have two errors each during their hospital stay out of26 cases from which medication errorswereobserved15(57.6wereofmale,and11(42.4were of female, and most of the medication errors were identified in age groups 50-70 years(41.2a total of 28 medication errors observed among which 46.4     were of administration errors, 35.7    were of dispensing, and 17.5were of prescribing. Most of the medication errors were 46.4due to nurses, 35.7due to pharmacists, and 17.5were due to physicians. On the evaluation of severity majority of medication errors, 65.7were classified as a category error, no harm followed by 34.3  were in the no error category.

Conclusion :  of the study of  The study concluded that 13.5  of medication errors were detected during the study period and revealed that pharmacists could play a significant role in preventing these errors by detecting the merely.

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