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Background of the study

Variation of the mandibular foramen right and left side is very important ,because to know about  the vital structures passing through it and also the Variation is very important during the intra oral surgery like tooth extraction, implantation ,mandibular fracture . The knowledge of variation in mandibular formen is very important to avoid the anaesthestic error of inferior alvelor nerve blockage.


The aim of this study is to determine the position of the Mandibular foramen conodylar process, coronoid process, to the lingua in several dry adult mandibles.

Materials and methods

A total number of 200 human dry mandibles RIGHT AND LEFT SIDE MANDIBULAR FORAMEN   were examined of which 170 mandibles are normal and 30 mandible shows variations with the help of vernier caliber .Measurement

The Measurement were taken as follows

i)Condylar Process to the Mandibular foramen

ii)Coronoid Process to the Mandibular foramen

iii)Mid portion of lingula to the Mandibular foramen


According to our study, the following are the variations found,The length from the condylar  process to the mandibular foramen is more on right side compared to the left side.The length from the coronoid process to the mandibular foramen is more on left side compared to the right side.The length from the midpoint lingua to the mandibular canal is more on right side compared to  left side


CR LT - Coronoid Left CR RT - Coronoid Right MF LT - Mandibular Foramen Left MF RT- Mandibular Foramen Right

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