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To evaluate the in vivo antidepressant activity of methanolic extract of Boophone Disticha leaves (MEBD) in Swiss albino mice. Methanolic extract of Boophone Disticha (MEBD) leaves was prepared by a continuous method using Soxhlet apparatus. The extract was subjected to phytochemical screening followed by acute oral toxicity studies in mice. MEBD in the doses of 100 and 200 mg/kg body weight was administered to test groups 1 and 2 respectively. Imipramine hydrochloride 15mg/kg body weight was administered to Standard group by oral route. Test group 3 received 100mg/kg (p.o) of MEBD + 10mg/kg (p.o) of Imipramine. Control group received Normal saline 10ml/kg body weight. Antidepressant activity was identified by using modified Forced Swimming Test (FST) and Tail Suspension Test (TST). Period of immobility was observed in both the models which was indicative of anti depressant activity. Standard statistical methods were used to evaluate the results. The results showed significant dose dependent antidepressant effect of MEBD in Swiss albino mice for both the models in all the test groups (Test group I, II and III). MEBD possess significant antidepressant activity. However, further investigations are required to determine its active constituents and molecular level of target mechanism of the extract for further use in humans.


Antidepressant MEBD , Forced Swimming test and Tail suspension test

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