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Simvastatin Is A Lipid-Lowering Medication Drug Which Has Poor Bioavailability Due To Its Insolubility In Water And Belongs To Biopharmaceutics Classification-Ii. The Aim Of This Study Is To Enhance The Bioavailability Of Simvastatin By The Preparation Of Nanoparticles Using Emulsification Solvent Evaporation Method.  In Present Work Different Formulations Were Prepared By Using Different Ratios Of Polymer, Span 60. Prepared Nanoparticle Was Evaluated For Its Particle Size, Zeta Potential, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Percentage Practical Yield, Drug Entrapment Efficiency, And In-Vitro Drug Release Studies. Among All The Formulations Dissolution Studies Showed That F3 Formulation Containing 5% Ethyl Cellulose And Eudragit 1:3% As Controlled Release Property And Releases 99.82% At 12h Of Drug In Intestinal Ph (6.8). The Prepared Nanoparticles Forms A Polymer Matrix There By Releases The Drug In A Controlled Manner.


Nanoparticles, Ethyl Cellulose, Eudragit and Simvastatin.

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