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Commelinabenghalensis L. commonly known as Benghaldayflower,belongs to the family Commelinaceae. It is widely used for the treatment of wounds and skin diseases.


The current study focuses on the evaluation of in vitro anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic property of the leaf extracts ofCommelinabenghalensis L.


The hydroalcoholic extract (70%) of Commelinabenghalensis L. (Leaf) was subjected to anti-inflammatory and anti arthritic activity by membrane stabilisation and inhibition of protein denaturation method were determined.


The inhibitory concentration (IC50) of HAECB in HRBC membrane stabilization study was found to be 69µg/ml in comparison with diclofenac sodium 57µg/ml. It showed moderate anti-inflammatory activity. The inhibitory concentration (IC50) of HAECB in protein denaturation was found to be 17µg/ml in comparison with diclofenac sodium 14µg/ml. It showed moderate anti-arthritic activity.


HAECB showed moderate anti-inflammatory activitywhich may be due to the strong occurrence of polyphenolic compounds such as flavonoids, tannins and phenols.HAECB has shown moderate anti-arthritic activity which may be due to the phenolic constituent.


Anti-inflammatory Anti-arthritic Commelinabenghalensis L

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