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Nipah virus is an newly out broke virus from the animal species the exact reason for the virus out bake was not known clearly some scientist are concluded the point regarding the reoccurrence of the virus in the India after a gap of 8 years of last impact, this virus is mainly spreading because of the a kind of the cattle pigs and from the infected fruit bat. At first virus has been found in the region of the south East Asia islands later few developed countries has taken a step forward in order to control or eradicate the virus while few countries has left the solution for the problem. Recently a week back the virus has been observed in the south state of the India. As it was known fact that this virus is a zoonosis. Various countries are a step ahead in the research. When compared to the west part of the world the impact of the disease is more in the eastern part of the world. There is no particular vaccination for this virus, diagnosis for the disease is also a complex task.


Pteropodidae family Fruit bat Henipavirus Ribavirin

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