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This study aims to explore the efficacy of ErukkuKaarathiri in fistula in ano.


To evaluate the efficacy of ErukkuKaarathiri in comparison with PappayaKaarathiri in the management of Pouthiram (Fistula in ano)


The two different cases of pouthiram (anal fistula) are treated with different Kaarathris (threads), one is made from Barbour’s linen and another one is made from ErukkuNaaru (Fibre of Calotropisgigantea) thread smeared by latex of young papaya fruit and Marking nut i,eSerankottai (Semecarpousanacardium).


Assessment was done based on subjective and objective criteria before, during and after the treatment. The data collected was subjected to students paired “t” test for statistics analysis" within the cases and unpaired “t” test for analysis between the cases.


TheErukkuKaarathiri (Fibre of Calotropisgigantea) in case 2 is having good Kaaram (Chemical alkaline cauterization) property and it’s Unit Cutting Rate is and effectiveness is significant and took short time to incise and heal the fistulous wound.


The above case showed very hopeful results of ErukkuKarathiriapplication on the anal fistula was safe, very good haemostatic and possesses fast incision effect than PappayaKaarathiri


ErukkuKarathiri Kaaram Agathiarrananool Papaya Serankottai

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