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A retrospective study was carried out at the Pharmacy Practice department of the Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science College of Pharmacy tie up with Sunshine Hospital and Research Centre Secunderabad, Telangana, India.  It is a 750-bed tertiary care corporate hospital with 15 medical departments.


The DIC received a total of 227 drug information queries during the study period. A great number of queries were from the department of General ward (79;34.80%), the majority of drug information were given to Physician (96;42.90%), the high number queries of drug information were given to Update knowledge (120;52.86%), high mode of requests were received from Direct face to face (120;52.86%), the high number of enquirers are from Male (148;65.19%), the more number of drug information queries category wise were given to Indications (55;24.22%), the majority of references were chosen from Websites are (61;26.87%).


The drug information services essential to create awareness of the services provided by the DIC among physicians, pharmacists, nurses and consumers, so that they should come forward to utilise these services.


evaluation of the drug

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