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Controlled drug dosage forms offer many advantages, such as nearly constant drug level at the site of action, prevention of peak-valley fluctuation, reduction in dose of drug, reduced dosage frequency, avoidance of side effects and improved patient compliance. Hence an attempt has been made to develop modified drug release by using tablet in tablet technique with barrier coating by using natural and synthetic polymers with Salbutamol as model drug. The inner core tablets were prepared by using direct compression method. The formulation F7 was selected for press coat by using different polymers like HPMC, Ethyl cellulose, Xanthum gum and Guar gum in different ratios among which 1part of Xanthum gum and 1part of Guar gum was optimized based on the lag time (20.75% in 4 hours) and percent of drug release and also further evaluated.


Tablet in tablet Polymer coating Salbumtamol and controlled drug dosage form

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