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Hibiscus tiliaceus Linn. (Malvaceae) is a fast growing tree commonly grows along the seashore and back mangroves of China, Iran, India, Malaysia and South Africa. H. tiliaceus leaves are used to treat fever cough and the fresh roots are used to treat dysentery, microbial infection, skin boils and chest congestion. The present study was aimed to investigate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of poly herbal formulation. The plants leaves were collected and extracted with petroleum ether using soxhlet apparatus, the extracts were tested for its phytoconstituents. There different ointments were prepared using the extracts and tested for the physico-chemical evaluation. The analgesic activity was tested by using the Tail immersion Method and anti-inflammatory activity was tested by using the phlogistic agents-induced paw edema. The result showed that Tail immersion Method-F3 formulation showed good results for analgesic anti-inflammatory action compared to the standard. In the anti-inflammatory method the F3 formulation showed good anti-inflammatory activity.


Hibiscus tiliaceus Linn H. tiliaceus Phlogistic agents Edema Analgesic

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