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Pressure, a dynamic sensation consisting of a physiological reaction to a noxious stimulus and a psychological reaction. Pain is a alert mechanism that protects an organism from harmful stimuli by causing it to withdraw; pain is generally associated with injury or the possibility of injury. Several theoretical theories have been suggested to clarify the physiological basis of pain, but the experience of pain is not yet completely accounted for by all. A variety of theories were postulated to explain processes that underlie the perception of pain. In this analysis, we are reviewing the basic pain data, pain theories and their treatment, presenting the key facts supporting the titles. We believe there is a need for a clear definition of pain, pain theories and its diagnosis, especially considering the huge global burden of this condition. Indeed, understanding pain as a definite medical disorder is critical for raising awareness of this overlooked public health problem and encouraging the development of new unique therapeutic approaches.


Pain Noxious stimulus Theories Diagnosis Pathologic state

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