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The present research was to test zafirlukast, a cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonist in female albino Wistar rats, for antifertility activity. The matted female rats were divided into four classes of six separate animals each. Group I – provided 1 per cent w / v CMC- water suspension and acted as a regular monitor. Class II, III and IV- obtained Zafirlukast 1 percent w / v CMC in water at a dosage of 1, 10 and 20mg / kg body weight (e.g., daily). On the 10th day of pregnancy, in semiisterile condition, the animals underwent a laparotomy under a light ether anesthetic. The implants present on each ovary in both uterine horns and in the corpora lutea (CL) were counted. The animals were required to complete the gestation period (21-23 days), and they reported the number of litters born. The percentages of pre- and post-implantation failure were measured as well as the anti-fertility activities. As a result, the zafirlukast LOX inhibitor induced significant pre-implantation failure at dose levels of 20 mg / kg (p<0.01) and anti-fertility activity at dose levels of 10 mg / kg (p<0.05), 20 mg / kg (p<0.01) relative to control group. Zafirlukast, a receptor antagonist with cysteinylleukotrienes, has 100 per cent anti-implantation efficacy in Wistar albino rats. It suggests that zafirlukast can be used as an antifertility agent following confirmation of its protection and effectiveness in humans


Anti-fertility activity Zafirlukast Cysteinylleukotrienes receptor Anti-implantation activity

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