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Anemia is very commonly encountered in general clinical practice among all age groups. Although the etiology for such is truly myriad, with a comprehensive history, physical examination, and directed laboratory evaluation, a specific diagnosis can often be arrived at. A comprehensive history, physical examination, and directed laboratory evaluation will help to identify a specific cause for anemia. So, the present study was conducted for clinical and laboratory evaluation of anemia in local population and to find out its etiology for appropriate treatment and preventive strategies.

Methods: The present study was done over one year in a rural hospital. All patients who were anaemic during the study period were enrolled.patients below 18 years,who did not give consent for the study were excluded. Complete detailed history was taken and general physical examination is done for all patients.

Results:out of 230 patients  there was female preponderance  with 163 females and 37 males.there were more number of patients in age group 21-30 yrs about 59.among the symptoms fatigue was followed by shortness of breath and weight loss.

Conclusion:    The mean age of the study patients was 44.86 ± 15.7 with age range of 21 – 74 years and the gender ratio female: male of the study was 2.43:1. Fatigue or generalized weakness was the most common symptoms




anaemia, fatigue, sob, weakness, microcytic

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