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Pumpkin seed oil (PSO) is recognised as a functional food oil because it contains bioactive components such as phenolics and tocopherols that have health benefits such as antioxidants, the prevention of some malignancies, the slowing of hypertension development, and the relief of diabetic mellitus. Several extraction procedures, both traditional like Soxhlet extraction and newer extraction systems like ultrasound-assisted extraction and supercritical extraction, were improved and developed to acquire optimum yields of PSO with highest bioactive components from the respective fruit seed. Because PSO contains tocopherols and other phenolic compounds, it may be useful in the treatment of disorders caused by oxidative stress. Because the prices of PSO and other vegetable oils varies, adulteration involving the substitution or addition of PSO with lower-cost oils such as palm oil and maize oils is feasible, and analytical methods capable of identifying the practise are available. The purpose of this review was to emphasise PSO's extraction method, physicochemical features, and health advantages.


Pumpkin seed oil, Health, tocopherols, Soxhlet extraction

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