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Background & Objectives

Drug utilization Evaluation (DUE) is an ongoing authorized and systematic quality, Improvement processes that will help ensure that medicines are used appropriately. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Drug Utilization Evaluation is defined as the marketing, distribution, prescription and use of drugs in society, with special emphasis on the resulting medical, social, economic consequences. DUOLINcontains two active bronchodilating substances, salbutamol sulphate and Ipratropium bromide Salbutamol sulphate is a beta2-adrenergic agent which acts on airway smooth muscle resulting in relaxation. Ipratropiumbromide is a quaternary ammonium compound with Anticholinergic properties. The main objectives of this study is to assess the duolin use in tertiary care hospital & to analyse  the prescription pattern ,categorisation & combinations of Duolin by assessing age & gender specific distribution, pharmacoeconomics in duolin management.


A prospective observational study using patient medical records and the necessary data were collected by using data collection forms and results were evaluated against the criteria prepared from the standard treatment guidelines.


Prescription of 250 patients were studied & analysed. The demographic data revealed that there are 105(42%) female patients and 145 (58%) male patients respectively.


In conclusion, our study on the prescription pattern of duolin shows that male gender was found majorly taking duolin. Due to the use of nebulizer use the drug has many positive impacts which can improve patient condition. It shows that the most commonly the drug was prescribed with generic name rather than brand name. The study concludes that nebulizers are much better used than inhaler in case of respiratory tract infections. Lack of specific guidelines for the usage of DUOLIN in India, the rationality in the prescription is poor and variable.


Prescription pattern of DUOLIN Nebulizer use

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