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Stem cell based tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are emerging as most promising approaches for treatment of various ailments including degenerative diseases. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are most preferred candidates for use in clinical cell based therapies due to their regenerative, immunomodulatory, angiogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic capacities. Efficient ways for expansion and differentiation of MSCs are being extensively researched for their utilization in cellular therapies. Use of plant derived extracts and phytochemicals is one novel approach which is being largely explored for cost effective, safe and efficient means of modulating stem cells. Aqueous extracts of eight medicinal plantswere investigated for theirability to stimulate rat mesenchymal stem cells.. The potential to stimulate proliferation was estimated using cell viability assay and its ability to differentiate were determind using osteocyte, chondrocyte and adipocyte differentiation assays. The differentiated cells were fixed, stained and quantitated using spectophotometric analysis. The extracts Boerhavia diffusa, Centella asiatica, Tridax procumbens, Moringa oleifera flower and Pureria tuberosepromoted the proliferation to maximum. They also retarded the differentiation of BM MSCs to adipocytes. Manilkara zapota,Pureria tuberose, Centella asiatica and Moringa oleifera leaves promoted chondrocyte differentiation and Moringa oleifera flower, Tridax procumbens, Boerhavia diffusa and Pureria tuberose promoted osteocyte differentiation. The study could correlate the traditional medicinal use of the plants with specific regenerative activity. It also pointed out application of study plants in economic and safe development of regenerative pharmaceutical medicines.


Stem cell regeneration

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