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Antioxidants are compounds that can inhibit or prevent the oxidation of the easily oxidized substrate. One of the plants as a potential source of bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity (Ageratum conyzoides). This plant was commonly found in the West Africa, Australia, Colombia and India has been used by the society. This study aimed to determine the proximate compositions, bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity from large-leafed mangrove fruit which extracted by methanol.The phytochemical screening was carried on the both extracts of leaves of Ageratum conyzoides, revealed the presence of some active ingredients such asAlkaloid, Flavonoids, Tannins, Saponins, Phenols.The aqueous and alcoholic leaves extract were also evaluated for their antioxidant activity using FRAP assay, Metal chelating assay, DPPH radical scavenging assay, superoxide-radical scavenging assay and Hydrogen peroxide scavenging assay. The result of the present study showed that the ethanolic leaves extract of Ageratum conyzoideshas shown the greatest anti-oxidant activity than aqueous extracts. The high scavenging property of may be due to hydroxyl groups existing in the phenolic compounds. Further work is needful to isolate the exact compound which is responsible for antioxidant activity and biophysical characterization can be done in the future.



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